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OK i ordered a package from a store, a printer to be exact, well it was supposed to be delivered today, well the tracking number shows it being delivered, and being placed on the porch. i get home and do a printer hunt 3 times around the house. nothing, so i call, and I'm told they would leave a note for the distribution center that delivered it to get back to me 24-48hr's later.

OK what if they can't locate my package, am i out of the money i spent or how long does it take to get this resolved and i get a new printer?


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    I hope you got insurance on it when you bought it. I ordered an iPOD for my Grandson last christmas, the box had been opened and I received an empty package. UPS told me it would have to be claimed by the sender. I got my tail over my back and asked them just who the h___ paid for the insurance?
    After contacting the UPS home office twice and raising H___ with them, I got the replacement two days before Christmas.
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    this isn't eBay buy, this was from Epson Printers them self's, just tried calling them to find out the process, well they were closed of course, so i opened my e-mail just noticed there was two deliveries, one the printer, and the other i don't know its the one lost. My printer how ever is being rescheduled for redieverely thank god. guess it helps to double check
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    Take it as far up as you can, do not give up, you will get what you want and then some.

    EDIT: Oh yes FedEx sucx, lot more that UPS.
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    Remember, FedEx ground drivers are NOT part of corporate FedEx, they are contractors who buy their own trucks and pay all maintainence costs.

    We had a similar situation a few years ago. The FedEx ground driver marked our packages as "Undeliverable @ 4:30, store closed" 3 times within 2 weeks. Too bad we never lock doors before 6pm. This pissed off alot of customers that expected parts those days. Had all suppliers mark us as UPS only and haven't done business with FedEx since, unless it is next day delivery (read: real FedEx company drivers).

    Good Luck!
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    Had the same problem on a very expensive item. Tracking said delivered,at 5PM, but I was home and knew it hadn't.Next day, after all day trying to get in touch with someone, (by the way, they really make it hard to find a number to complain, at least in this part of NC), about 5PM driver pulls up with my package. Didn't know anything about my calls, just said, "oh, I just couldn't get here yesterday". So I am guessing she just marked it delivered to keep from getting in trouble. I don't use FED-UPX if I can help it.
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    bought a gun that was to be delivered by FED EX, come home from work and found it there on the porch. no one had signed for it. called and raised hell with them. their reply was we didn't know it was a gun. what would happen if someone had stold it and used it in a crime? who would be at fault?
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    The next time you have anything delivered, specify the shipper, if FedEx isn't doing right, just inform the shipper to use anyone except FedEx, or what ever shipper screwed up this time.
    I find that they all screw up from time to time but what counts is how they handle the messes.
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    I have had similar problems with FedEx, and don't use them any more. The company that is really bad is DHL. They "couldn't find my house" to deliver a $450 package. I got hold of the local DHL office, and spent ten minutes giving directions to the girl there. She was a dumb * and had a hard time getting directions.
    No delivery the next day.
    I called DHL up again, they had no record of my having spoken to the girl the day before. I guess she knew she didn't have the directions right, so she just threw the form away, and pretended I had never called.
    I only use UPS, they are very good.

    A month ago I heard the results of a nationwide survey about how happy people were with these delivery companies.
    Number one, for eight years in a row:
    UPS number two

    go figure
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    O.K. , I ordered a 'tracfone' cell phone from their website on Mon. , Thurs. received a 'fedex' package , opened it up (yes it was sealed), and NO Phone , nothing in box but packing material ??? of course I called 'tracfone' (wonderful experience - we speak No good english my friend)? and they supposedly are shipping out another one ? of course I say they can track the missing one from the esn (SN#) ...
    Thanks & Good Luck !
    Gunsmith / LEO
    Niota , Tn
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    UPS in my area is good, unless my regular driver is on vacation. I live 1/2 mile off major U.S. highway on a private road and the replacement drivers are always behind and hate to go out of their way. I suspect they leave my stuff on their truck until the regular driver comes back.
    FEDSUX drops my packages at the US post office for the contract mail carrier to deliver. If it's a large package, they have to make their regular run and go back to the PO and get my package to deliver that evening. Sometimes they call me to come get it.
    Don't have any experience with DHL, don't know if they work in my area.
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    HI, Like was stated the drivers work for them selves. My Fedex service has been great. However, my USPS serives sucks. Got a scope, the item was insured. They refuse the claim!!!!!! Now I have a damaged scope and go ripped off on the money I paid for insurance.
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    It is a "They hope you just drop it thingy" So give hell!!!
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    Also.. everything sucks except about 30% of the working folks....
    You know the rare few that earn it honestly. Pick up a guys lost wallet and hunt him down. Make a deal good or bad and live with it to the letter.... You know people that still have a freaking bit of honor in their souls!!! Get used to it.. Morals can only decline from this point unless we get us one hell of a leader... and it would seem that Jesus has better things to do right now...Probably selling Satan building materials for all those freaking additional houses Hell is going to need!!!
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    just wanted to update this,

    come to find out that its at the drivers discreation to leave the package at a nieghbors house if the drivers sees no note saying otherwise, ok i say. My question to them was this,

    1. Why no note on my door from driver when its policy?

    2. He left it at my neibors house (i have no problem with that since i know them) but why leave my package at their house w/ no one thier, and not my house. wheres the sense in that?

    told them i would pick up my printer rather than have it delierved cause i have stuff to print and will need it that morning.
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