Got me a gun safe......

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I went and spent my x-mas money on a Cannon 24 gun safe for myself. I got it at Cabelas in Hamburg, PA and signed up for the credit card. Saved $45 that way. The price out the door was $599 including tax. Just have to put some type of light in it and a golden rod and put my collection in it..Cool


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    Great. Now all you have to do is fill it up with guns.[:D][:D][:D]

    I am on my second gun safe now. got both filled to the max.
    Got a third one on order.[8D]
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    your only regret is that you didn't buy a larger one, just admit it. cause that was my regret, and i have one that can hold around 32 guns from Liberty (35CF)
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    I figure I will just get another one when I need one. Cost wise it is almost the same price for 2 smaller ones than for 1 large one. Plus two smaller ones are much easier to get in the house(about 510lbs.).
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    mjg- gun safes are supper neat. As far as the light goes I ended up getting those desk like style that are fairly heavy on the base and they bend down over in front. When door is opened and lite is on they work perfect. Alse keep a minimag flashlight inside for any detail serching I might need. Heating rod is not needed if safe is inside and room is kept at a pretty constant even temperature. Just my 2cents. Happy New Year!
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    And after you get done bolting the little ones together, no one will be taking them out with a hand truck.
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