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Glenn Beck will be speaking at the NRA convention in Charlotte. Is anyone here going? I'd love to go, but doubt I will.

NRA Announces Glenn Beck as Keynote Speaker for "Freedom Experience," Saturday, May 15
(FAIRFAX) - The National Rifle Association announced today that radio and television personality and best selling author Glenn Beck will be the keynote speaker for the "Freedom Experience" at NRA's 139th Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Charlotte, North Carolina. Beck will now deliver the keynote address of the event, which begins at 6:30 pm on Saturday, May 15, at the Time Warner Cable Arena. As previously announced, Sean Hannity was to be the keynote speaker, but had an unforeseen schedule conflict. NRA's Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre in welcoming Beck said, "It's going to be a great convention, and I know our members will be excited to see and to hear from Glenn Beck."
Further information about the NRA's 139th Annual Meetings & Exhibits can be found at www.nraam.org


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    He just summed up what I have been saying (on numerous posts) to all of the 'everything or nothing' folks.
    I can't give you the exact quote, but the jest of it is when the NRA had the 'no compormise, everything or nothing' stance that we should all be able to buy and own a tank, they were scarring people away from their (our) cause. But when they started taking a 'common sense' approch to the issue they started win over the 'people'.[;)]
    And they relized they would go down in flames if they didn't. It takes the support of the majority to get things changed![:)]
    Don't start in guys. I am not going to post on this threat anymore.
    This is just an observation. I know it will fire up some of you, but we have talked this to death. We will have to agree to disagree.
    I don't know about you all, but I have work to do.
    Have a nice day. Go Sarah![8D]
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    I know a lot of people here do not like him but the other day he was praising Trump and wearing a Make America Great Again.

    He told his audience that he made a mistake.
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    His staff is all dressed in lab coats! [:D]
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    Did anyone watch him tonight? He is giving em hell about the sad state of affairs in Laredo/Nouevo Laredo. After the congressman told the Loredo sheriff that he was only a lowly sheriff and he was an important congressman, Beck told him that arogance like his was the problem.

    There have been over 60 American citizens kidnapped down there and probably all have been killed. Beck said he is going to continue to press the issue. I hope he stirs up a storm. Tom
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    is on O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly is such a *, advocating government control. [xx(]
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    Awhile back there was a thread on Glenn Beck someone at that time said Beck has run off the rails, didn't mention at the time the rails were on a steep drop off

    He went over the drop off, think he is losing it as he goes into a preaching mode drop of a hat. Recently he finds a subject goes on and on like he is in the pulpit. Getting more strange as time passes. Never hear a peep out of his two cohorts while in mode.

    Probably under lot of stress understand he has laid off lot of employees, in steps of selling off The Blaze, being sued and other problems.

    I understand lot of his problems started when he became so adamant about Trump, lot of his audience left. When Trump won put Beck between a rock and hard place he had to accept the win, but it did not bring back his listeners. His ratings have slipped and stayed down

    Beginning to wonder if he is going stay on the air or be a past history, way to deep into the preaching mode. If so be a shame as he has lot of talent and intellect
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    is cooking big time right now! Tune in! [:D][:D][:D]

    Don't miss it, he's going to tie it together for you tonight. [;)][^][:D]
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    Anyone else read/watch him?

    My sis gave me his book "Argueing With Idiots" for Christmas, and it got me interested. So I started watching/listening to him.

    He seems more libertarian than party hack compared to Hannity.

    Good show IMHO.

    Anyone else have insights/opinions?
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    Yeah, It was actually a rerun, but I am encouraged about Beck's recent crusade against the North American Union and the Illegal Alien Invasion.

    Nice to hear some straight talk about it, although he runs pathetically short segments on most subjects.
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    I started listening to Glenn Beck on the radio in 2001. Talk about an amazing personality. I bought and read his book "The Real America" and it's a great story. Glenn is no idiot but he's humble. He admits his flaws and the flaws of his own personal history. Anyone who has a problem voting for a "Mormon" ought to listen to Glenn for a few months. My only disappointment is that his personality on the radio seemed to change to accomodate the personality he needs to exude on television. His sentence structure, his voice and his tone just don't seem to flow as spontaneously on the radio as much as it used to. He still sounds good on the radio but his entire show actually sounded spontaneous. It sounds a little too structured now. Even so, I can't think of another radio personality I'd rather listen to.

    I think Glenn will probably be the next Rush when Rush finally retires.
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    I finally started listening to the radio show and watching the TV show regularly about three months or so ago. I'm so hooked now, that I stood outside in the cold for two hours so I could get him to sign a copy of his new book, An Inconvenient Book.
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    I've been a Glenn Beck fan ever since he 1st went syndicated.
    Look for some big news about the 2 Border Patrol agents that are in prison for DOING THEIR JOBS.
    Eveidently there was a BIG break in the case late last week that proves Johnny Sutton is a lying POS that railroaded them.
    I wonder how this will reflect on GW,being as He and Sutton are buds?
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