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I have a Glock 17 (9mm) and a Glock 35 (.40) pistol. I am in the process of buying an AR-15 that takes Glock mags and will be getting the standard rifle in .40 and the suppressed upper in 9mm. I have seveal mags in each caliber. All of the mags are exactly the same except the feed lips. As I am sure you are thinking as you read this, "that could be bad" and you are right. As it is now I have not used my G17 much since getting the G35. On the G35 I have added little blue squres of tape to the front of the mag to make them look different. Since I will be using both kinds of mags more in the near future I need a better way to make SURE I have the right mags.

I thought I saw some colored floor plates for these mags but doing a web search I only came up with orange ones. I thought I saw some company making mulit color ones. In Midway they have Colored Back Plates for the Glocks and I was thinking that putting a matching plate and mags for each gun would be a big help.

Price would also be a bit of an issue do to the ammount of mags I have. If they are not reasonably cheep I may just buy some paint or maybe Dura Coat type stuff to paint them. Any thoughs or idea would be great.


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    You could drill a 1/8" hole in floorplates of one caliber.
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    I paint numbers in white on the sides of my mags.
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    I keep my mags numbered as well. I am thinking something that is easily visable no matter what. I am thinking a Blue mag floor plate and a Blue back plate on the gun say on the .40, then leave the black on the 9mm. Those would both make it VERY easy to tell the difference even if the mag is in the gun. I am very careful about what I do and have been shooting for a long time. Even the best of us make errors and I want to do my best to avoid that.
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    quote:Originally posted by Fep1990
    Is this what you might be looking for?

    Those are vey close. The ones I thought I saw were just regular bases that replaced the factory ones. Plus at $4 each that is to much for what I want to do.
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    why not just paint the bottoms?...Do what classic does....steals my nail polish...
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    I found this on page 28 next to a thread titled Old Age! Seemed appropriate.
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    I have 3 new Glock factory 17 mags with Blue factory plates on them. I bought them about three years ago. You might check Glock.
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    quote:Originally posted by BlackRoses
    why not just paint the bottoms?...Do what classic does....steals my nail polish...

    I used to steal my GF's when I needed an inexpensive, durable marking. Then she stopped using it and I had to buy my own. I have several colors under the sink.[:)]
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    I think, if you were to buy a bunch of colored floorplates, it wouldn't be worth it to sell the old ones, would it? you'd end up just throwing them away. or saving them for later, but they'll never get used for anything.

    so, you can consider them disposable. so, how about instead of buying new ones, you do some destructive marking to the old ones and save your $$?

    take a soldering iron and melt some notches into the side of the floorplate. maybe, notches on the left for 9mm, notches on the right for .40. it's also tactile, you can feel it in the dark. if you want numbering, you can use an engraver on the bottom. (any kind of numbering you couldn't feel in the dark anyways)

    you wouldn't be making any marks at all on the magazine itself, just the floorplate, which you can replace at any time. if you would have done any marking on colored ones you would have bought, marking it would have devalued it just the same, but this way you didn't spend $$ on colored ones to begin with.

    and they're still black.
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