Cruz cruises to a win

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As of 9:32 PM EST, the website Politico has called the Texas Senate race for Ted Cruz over David Dewhurst. At the time of the call, Cruz led Dewhurst by roughly 7 points, 53.6-46.4, with just over 20 percent of precincts reporting.

US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) released this statement over Facebook:

Congratulations to Ted Cruz! Ted's victory is a loud statement to the Washington establishment that Americans are ready to take back their country. Under the old system, the party establishment picked the status-quo candidates who toed the party line. But, the people have risen up to elect principled leaders like Ted Cruz who will take on big spenders in both parties and fight to save America from fiscal collapse. Voters trust Ted Cruz to reform Washington instead of becoming part of it. In 2010, America sent Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, and Pat Toomey to the Senate. In 2012, we have the chance to elect more courageous leaders like Ted Cruz, Richard Mourdock, Josh Mandel, Mark Neumann, and Jeff Flake. Tonight's victory will have Washington shaking in its boots


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    Wife and I just got back an hour ago and both of us voted Cruz.

    We hope he don't disappoint!
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    Hopefully, there will be enough conservative's elected/reelected to send a clear message to all politicians that the credit card has expired. As the liberals, both R & D are are rejected, Romney, the Senate and Congress will be backed into a corner by ----THE VOTERS. They politicians are not dumb, they are survivors and can read the writing on the wall. When the people speak in one voice, the politicans listen.

    Simple. Take a voter to lunch at Chik-Fil-A.
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    Bruce, I hope you're right.
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    From what I have heard Dewhurst ran a dirty dirty campaign. If true I am glad he lost. I hope Cruz wins the General and we get another Conservative into Office.
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    VERY DIRTY[:(!] my wife and i were sick and tired of the Cruz bashing,lies and more lies.Never saw the A.Hole until the election time to start campaigning.never ran on his record,only what the other guys
    laundry list was/is/.Perry was at his side[xx(]he is losing CLOUT TOO.
    I will not vote for Perry this time around when it comes time to vote for the Governor of TX.
    Dewhurst lost and also lost 24 million of his own money he funneled to his own campaign[:D]quote:Originally posted by shilowar
    From what I have heard Dewhurst ran a dirty dirty campaign. If true I am glad he lost. I hope Cruz wins the General and we get another Conservative into Office.
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    Sandy and I both supported Cruz. Dewhurst is a true democrat who runs as a republican because democrats don't do well in Texas.,
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    We need to vote all the Rino's out and how are the Democraps going to support the fudge packers since they adopted that platform.
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