Selling out our poor

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It seems more and more Democrap politicians are supporting illegals and refugees over the needs of their constituents while our cities crumble. Pure BS in my opinion since jobs and pride would come back to America again and why make our poor poorer because they were sold out by politicians.

Demonstrators were up at KCI and the Mayor said he would talk about their concerns and KC is falling down around it's citizens and Illegals and Refugees make out big time while our poor are kept on the plantations


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    when u are sitting in the ivory towers counting your money it is hard to see the swamp all around
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    The new mantra is if Trump is for it we are against it. Most of them have no clue why they are upset.

    Rioting isn't protesting, and beating up Trump Voters isn't either.

    No reasonable minded person can support what these clowns are doing and they will lose the support of the left leaning folks who aren't totally brain dead.

    Hard to support the "cause" when they beat up your kid, make you late for work and miss your flight.
    Why don't we go to school and work on the weekends and take the week off!
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    they will never see the light[V]
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