What to do with old treadmill....

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We are going through 14 years of stuff in the house for pre-demolition. Mrs. Blue wants me to take her old treadmill to the dump with a whole truck load of stuff. So - I got all this stuff in the den waiting to load up and I start thinking about that treadmill. It is speed adjustable with a 2 horse motor, self adjusting 15"x 104" tread belt. I look in the Grizzly catalog and the best sanding belt I can find is 16" x 48" - unless there is another source for a longer 16" belt I'll take it out to the shop and chop her down and make one roller adjust in and out about 2+" cut the platen down to about 22" and have a nice wide sander. I'll use the old horse type stand that my shopsmith is on and make a nice waist high platform... Mrs. Blue said I'm such a redneck - I don't know what she means by that[;)][;)]


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