Thank God For Really Stupid Criminals

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The same people that robbed her the first time did it again. The first time they pawned stuff about 30 miles away at a pawn shop.

This time they drove about 1 hour away and pawned a lot of stuff. In NC when you pawn something you have to use a picture ID. So that is how they got them. We do not have a list of everything that they recovered in Greenville NC but the Captain said it was a lot of stuff. It was 10 oclock last night when he found it in the computer system.

My daughter is really good friends with a Nash county Captain and Lieutenants daughters with the Sheriffs department. So they work pretty hard trying to help her.

The Captain knows me from the past dealings and told Mandy my daughter to make sure i do not do ANYTHING until they get the stuff back. He told her that they do not want them running and skipping town.

This time they stole enough for a felony.

I went and told the Captain today about the deputy talking my daughter out of pressing charges because he was dating the mom of the brothers and he told me that he is own probation for doing some other crooked things. He would not say what.

Mandy is going to file a complaint tomorrow against the deputy When they investigate him he will most likely be fired.


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