M1A M14 Socom II

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I really want to get one of these rifles. There alot of money though.

I would then turn it into one of these: Socom II

Heres the stocks for the M1A M14:


$2,300 for the Socom II on the bottom of this picture.


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    I've heard good things about the Sage EBR stock, but the one bad thing I've heard about the SOCOM II is that it's LOUD!
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    Why ruin the value of a gun, just buy a socom...
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    I wouldn't be buying it for the value as far as collecting...I would buy it for the .308 cal in a semi auto and the reliability of this weapon.

    ...but I would buy one that was already done up into a Socom II. There just so expensive. It would take me almost a year to save for it, but I think it would be worth the wait.
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    Ok, where to go with this one.

    The gun in the auction is a Scout/brush rifle having an 18 or 18.5 inch barrel. Normally these come with their own style break/flash hider on them. The one in the pic has a Smith front site mount and flash hider on it which only adds about 3/4" to the length vs about 2" for the stock hider. The Smith is an awsome FH.

    The one in your pic is a Scout length rifle as well as only the SA muzzle break works on the 16" (Socom) rifles. In the pic there is a Smith FH which is not made for the Socom. The rifle in your pic is wearing a Voltor stock and rails. These Voltor rails are the same ones used on the Socom 2.

    As far as I am aware the only difference between the Socom and the Socom 2 is the front mounted rails. They are both 16" bbls with a special muzzle break and no one at this time makes an after market system for it. I almost bought one earlier this year, I am glad I did not.

    I can not speak for the Voltor as I have not used or even seen on in person.

    Here is a C&P I did about a similar topic:

    I did a EBR and a Scout to make a MK 14 Mod 0. This is a great set up.

    A bigger question for you is what do you plan on wanting to with it? Are you trying to set up a "field gun", good bench gun, good target gun, just like the looks of the EBR? If you are trying to set up something other then the field gun I would not pick the EBR.

    I am not sure if you can use a lugged receiver with it but here is info right from Sage, http://www.sageinternationalltd.com/...nts/EBR_DM.pdf .
    While I like my EBR for a bench or target type gun I would probably go with a JAE stock. The Troy it is an awsome stock as well but looks too much like an AR to me. Not that AR's are a bad thing but if I wanted an AR that is what I would get.

    There are different top covers for standard vs heaver "match" bbls. They may have changed this and all are cut for the larger bbls but just be aware if you are buying a used one. I know my medium NM bbl would not allow the top cover to fit on mine.

    The EBR is a great stock and I know it is listed as a "target" type stock but here are the things I dont like about it. The grip sucks, no other way to put it, add a Ergo grip. The stock locks up very good for a sliding stock, not tight like I want on a "target" type gun though. It has an adjustable Cheep Piece but for me it sits too far back and could use another inch. I keep my head way forward like shooting an AR but if you keep your head way back like my buddy it will be fine. The only way to remove the action for cleaning is to pull the 3 allen screws that bbl mount in.

    It is a very solid stock with good mounting spots for optics and bipods. The quality is great. I think is a great stock for a "CQB" role but would opt for a different stock for a "target" type set up.

    Here is a pic of my MK 14 Mod 0, Mod 1 uses an AR style stock:

    Here is another of all my M1A's:
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    Very nice pictures and thanks for the info.

    As far as the Vltor stock I like them alot. I just ordered another one for my AR. They have a great cheek rest with the battery compartments on each side, makes foe a very comfortable stock in my opinon.

    I like the way your M1A is set up on the last picture.

    Here's a picture of the stock that I will receive next week:

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    quote:Originally posted by watrulookinat

    As far as the Vltor stock I like them alot. I just ordered another one for my AR. They have a great cheek rest with the battery compartments on each side, makes foe a very comfortable stock in my opinon.

    The whole stock in the upper pic you have is made by Vltor, not just the butt piece, http://www.vltor.com/socom.htm . The rails in that pic are also made by them.

    In your second pic those are all versions of the Sage EBR stock. The top 3 are Mod 0 and the bottom 2 are Mod 1. The very bottom one in your pic just happens to have a folder in it.

    Thanks for the comments on my stuff. I built mine by buying used and selling parts. I was able to sell all the parts I didnt want from the Scout and paid for all the SEI upgraded parts. Now with the Surefire light on there I am about $2000 into the MK 14. It just takes some patients and looking to find the deals. I think I spent over 3 months waiting to find a price I was willing to pay for this stuff. A built MK 14 Mod 0 with out the light sells for about $2900.
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    Once again... thanks for the info.

    I didn't know Vltor sold the entire set up for $489.95. That's the set up I would want.
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