Ruth The Rabbit Killer

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My dogs, Ruth and Ben, often ask to go out late at night, between 11 and midnight, if I am still up. Usually, Ruth goes out to potty, and Ben just goes to run the fence and bark at the darkness.

Last night, I let them out, and wouldn't you know it...there was a rabbit in the yard. The dogs began running it. Usually when they run a rabbit, it finds where it got into the yard and gets out pronto, but not this time. Every time it tried to get under the fence, the dogs closed in, and it had to break and run some more.

Then, it made a fatal mistake and ran into a corner. Ruth was on it in a flash, and when she chomped down, the rabbit let out one little yelp, and that was that.

OK, it's past 11 pm, and cold and raining outside, and this idiot now has a freshly killed rabbit in her jaws. I had a devil of a time getting her to turn it loose.

Now, she was not in the mood to pee, so we went back in, but I couldn't get Ben to come in. I went to bed, only to be disturbed in a half hour by Ben barking. So, I let him in, and let Ruth go pee, and managed to get in bed around midnight.

This post really means nothing, but BSR called me today, and said he noticed I hadn't posted much lately. He thought I might be PO'ed or ill. Neither is true; I've just been busy with other stuff.

So, how are you guys doing?


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    When my Sister lived in Ft. Worth she had a Weimaraner that was the BEST rabbit dog. Well, except for Easter morning when my Sister was getting ready to take the kids out back for an easter egg hunt and she found the dog had six baby bunnies on the back porch and the Momma in her mouth.... Wagging her tail like no tomorrow.... (Luckily the kids did not see)

    That dog was dumb as a bag of hammers but DAMN she would retrieve some game. "Tree'd" a squirrel UP my Dad one time. That was funny.
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    Dang,now I want fried rabbit,and need to pee too,,,
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    All's well here in Jupiter. Still havn't got to turn the A/C off yet..
    Good to see U back and posting,was about to ask about you and where U have been as well.
    I hope she didn't destroy that cottontail and U get to soak it in saltwater overnight and fry it up!![:p][:p]
    Them R GOOD EATS!!
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    Our Jack Russell has a bunch of confirm kills in the back yard not rabbits but feral cats.
    And good for Ruth she is just taking care of her territory [^][^]
    We have to fight so we can run away.
    Capt. Jack Sparrow.
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    quote:Originally posted by Onehandude
    Our Jack Russell has a bunch of confirm kills in the back yard not rabbits but feral cats.
    And good for Ruth she is just taking care of her territory [^][^]

    Oh, the Weimaraner was on the cats as well. She went nuts late one night when my sister was home all alone, so she was let out into the well fenced back yard and went into stealth mode. Came back later with a VERY expensive VERY Dead persian cat. Cat lady 2 blocks away tried to sue . Judge laughed at her. Why was YOUR cat in HER back yard....

    I think with a little better training it would have been a great dog. I may get one eventually, I've always had Golden retrievers, but I have recently gotten tired of cleaning up the whole other dog that they shed every day.
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    My [email protected]$$ collies trapped a poor hapless squirrel in our back yard last year. They closed in on the little guy and trapped him next to a wood fence. The big boy had him under a paw and then... licked him a time or two! By that time the little tree-rat gathered his wits, rolled over and squirmed away over the fence. I swear, for weeks, those two would run out off of the back porch, circle around and close in on the same spot, like they were re-living the "event" and congratulating themselves...

    Ferocious beasts...
    I wish everybody the love of a good dog, and the wisdom and heart to appreciate it...
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    We had a WhatchaCallit Combo Kat,(Male?)for 17 years. HE was a Full Blood Oriental Job, White with a little brown at ear tips and tail, Blue, crossed eyes. Didn't like Nuthin but HE decided to grab a little Red Squirrel,(WV FerryDiddle)-Not Tooo Good! FD > CB's (Kat's Name) Nose. Didn't take CB long to look things over,(guess not) and Caught & Released crossed his mind. No real damage to either one and back to eatin & watching. End of CB's Big Game Huntin.
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    The rabbit invaded a secure location.
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    That story reminds me of Nick, I never seen a dog go after varmints like Nick. Including snakes and skunks.
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