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if even minor...

CO Gun Control Laws Backfire; Anti-Gunners Cancel Gun Buyback Due to Universal Background Checks


According to a report on KOAA, Colorado anti-gunners have to cancel a planned gun buyback due to new laws passed by the state legislature earlier this year.

One of the new laws says that all transfers of firearms must go through a federally licensed firearms dealer who will perform a background check for each transfer.

In order for Together Colorado, the group sponsoring the event, to have it take place it would have to be done at a gun shop, they would have to pay for each transfer, and each transfer would require a potentially time consuming background check.

Because of these limitation, the buyback has been canceled at the urging of the local sheriff, Joe Pelle.

According to KOAA,
quote:Event organizers had planned to give gift cards or tickets to sporting events to people who turned in firearms. Students raised nearly $8,000 to purchase the incentives.

The idea was to collect guns and then immediately hand them over to the Sheriff's Office for destruction. Some of the remnants of the destroyed firearms would then be passed along to Boulder-area metalworking artist Jessica Adams to use for a sculpture aimed at creating gun violence awareness.

Colorado has become a national interest over gun control laws in 2013 after they passed strict gun control laws earlier this year following heated debates.

The passage of the laws has resulted in multi-million dollar gun related businesses, such as Magpul, to consider moving their operations to more gun friendly states. The passage of the laws has also resulted in the attempted recall of two Democratic state senators who will have to defend their seats in a recall election in September.


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    This was on the Dallas TV and radio news.

    Home invader busts into an apartment, struggles with the lady in the doorway. She screams, and her male friend comes to her aid, in a WHEELCHAIR. He manages to stand and launch himself at the attacker. He wrests a handgun away from the intruder and shoots him with it, twice. Bad guy flees and dies a block or so away.

    Good news.
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    after reviewing some of my work, i am now the proud "independant contracter" doing the refinishing and checkering work the shop i hang at doesnt have time to do
    (in other words all of it since they have been turning down all refinish work for couple years because of other higher paying back-logs)
    and another local shop which goes there for repair work also claims to have refinish work for me soon...
    (saw him at the show this morning)
    turns out he was comeing in the smith shop as i was pulling out and the conversation turned to "was that keith leaveing?" and Charley telling him what good work im doin.
    i just love word of mouth from happy people!!!
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    had 2 days off and found encouraging news as I caught up on things both days...
    this is going to make positive strides creating more young shooters!

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    Another crooked politician going to jail. God I love the sound of that. Corrine Brown of the great state of Florida was sentenced to 5 years in federal prision today. WOO HOO!!,
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    UPDATE: Trump Announces Addition To Illegal Ban, Any Immigrant Found On Welfare DEPORTED

    Posted by Joseph Laney | Jan 31, 2017 | National Security

    President Trump keeps sending out a clear message. Immigration to America is a privilege, not a right. If you want to come and stay, you must contribute.

    President Trump's administration will be looking to roll out more restrictions on immigrants planning to enter the U.S., as well as those already in the country. The administration would be seeking to "deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge" and develop standards for "determining" whether an immigrant can be deported after five years, if that person receives a certain amount of public assistance, including Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Medicaid.

    The second order, titled "Executive Order on Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs" calls for eliminating the jobs magnet that is driving illegal immigration to the United States. The order would rescind any work visa provisions for foreign nationals found not to be in "the national interest" or in violation of U.S. immigration laws.

    Illegal Immigrants living in sanctuary cities can apply for and get, public assistance without fear of deportation. Their illegal status is kept confidential. They come and go at will.

    The term "sanctuary city" is a generalized description where city funds are not used to implement federal immigration laws. These cities have decided by legal regulation not to inquire about the immigration status of the people in which they come in contact. In other words, it's another form of "don't ask, don't tell." Sanctuary cities continue to be a festering public-safety concern throughout the country. ICE has identified about 300 cities that are uncooperative and obstruct immigration enforcement. There are four whole states, California, Connecticut, New Mexico, and Colorado that have declared as sanctuary states.

    A detainer is the primary tool used by ICE to gain custody of illegals for deportation. It's a notice to other law enforcement agencies that ICE intends to take custody of the alien. It also includes information on the alien's criminal history, immigration violations and potential threat to public safety. While many Americans, even veterans, struggle with getting adequate medical care, not so with the illegals. Medical care provided to illegal immigrants is costly for New York City's legal residents. A 2002 report by the United States General Accounting Office, in-patient care in hospitals provided to illegal immigrants cost the state $474 million.

    However, this figure fails to include the out-patient costs associated with treating the illegal immigrant population in emergency rooms. When these figures are included, the overall taxpayer-funded, non-reimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state's illegal immigrant population amount to an estimated $690 million a year.

    Almost half the households headed by an illegal immigrant are receiving welfare, food assistance and health benefits for their children. In total, the illegal immigrant population residing in New York costs the state's taxpayers more than $5 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration costs. On a per person basis, the annual tax burden amounts to about $874 per New York household headed by a native-born resident. That's just for New York! Sanctuary city status has really paid off for them. Multiply New York's cost of public assistance for illegals by 300, the number of sanctuary cities, and a clearer picture is shown. We can't continue this way.

    This flies in the face of globalism and open borders. Just look how that's worked out for Europe. Angela Merkel and European Union leaders are reeling from the defeats they're facing from their open borders policies. Their globalist agenda is being challenged by the voters in their respective countries. The United Nations won't give up on it and plans to push for the New World Order.

    Brexit is an abbreviation for "British exit," which refers to the June 23, 2016, referendum whereby British citizens voted to exit the European Union. With an austerity program in place and its economy barely out of recession, Britain is one of several European countries whose voters appear disenchanted with mainstream politicians and worried about social and economic issues, including immigration. The proposed changes would make it easier to deport foreigners who commit serious crimes, increase fines on companies that use illegal labor and force private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants. Temporary immigrants would also be required to pay for some of their health care.

    On immigration, the government said its new measures would seek to stop immigrants from using public services to which they are not entitled, make it harder to appeal deportation orders, regulate access to health care for immigrants, and prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses.

    The conditions that exist today in Germany are like what they were in the 1920's in respect to immigration. Now as then, it could lead to extreme elements coming forth to apply their version of nationalism. We've learned through history that's a dangerous place for Germany to be. It's a dangerous place for our country to be.

    Germany has been under siege from a flood of refugees from Syria. The backlash from the far-right has been intense. Copies of Mein Kampf have been flying off the shelves.

    "Besides naturalization that is acquired through the fact of having been born within the confines of a State there exists another kind of naturalization which can be acquired later. This process is subject to various preliminary requirements. "One condition is that, if possible, the applicant must not be a burglar or a common street thug. It is required that he shall not be a burden to the State of which he wishes to become a citizen. In this realistic epoch of ours this last condition naturally only means that he must not be a financial burden. If the affairs of the candidate are such that it appears likely he will turn out to be a good taxpayer, that is a very important consideration and will help him to obtain civic rights more rapidly." -- Adolf Hitler

    Extremism leads to extremism. We have some challenging times ahead as we take back control of our country. Thankfully, we have the strong leadership of Donald Trump to get us there. We're going to need it.
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    Anyone in this country illegally should not be entitled to any government assistance program PERIOD!
    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln
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    If true, I like it.

    If you are not a Citizen of the United States, why should you be able to dip into Taxpayer funds to gain support of some form or another?

    Its harsh I know, but America can not afford to give it's money to any and everyone who is able to gain entry without proving Citizenship.
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    Hold on I agree they should have one more government expense a free safe whole family bus ride to the border. Then all aid stops while being deported
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    I don't think anyone who is not a citizen should get anything..[;)]
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    I vote we get one of those catapults from Ben Hur and line em up
    Although always described as a cowboy, Roswellnative generally acts as a righter of wrongs or bodyguard of some sort, where he excels thanks to his resourcefulness and incredible gun prowesses.
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    my folks came from canada in 1951 first rule go on the dole you are deported back
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    If your an down trodden American citizen your * can be locked up as a vagrant if your broke, sleeping in a vehicle or tent....immigrants get gets free airfare, checks, food stamps, housing, numerous vouchers, etc. etc. [:(!]
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    this is going to really PIZZ messico off as we have been solving their social porblems for FREE
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    It has not been added, it has been "proposed".
    "Anger has two children -.hope, and courage." Augustine, Bishop of Hippo

    "Und es wird nicht hineingehen irgend ein Gemeines und das da Greuel tut und Luge,
    sondern die geschrieben sind in dem Lebensbuch des Lammes."
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    quote:Originally posted by us55840

    Anyone in this country illegally should not be entitled to any government assistance program PERIOD!
    Why don't we go to school and work on the weekends and take the week off!
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    quote:Originally posted by 84Bravo1

    Its harsh I know...

    Try going to any other country and getting a free handout. They'll throw your * in jail 1st thing for being there illegally.
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    quote:Originally posted by pwillie
    I don't think anyone who is not a citizen should get anything..[;)]

    Most of these rest of the world,, don't pay non citizens,, except E.U. and maybe Canada ??

    Myself,, no work, no insurance, no food. Guess I could buy someone a beer at a convenience store and ask how to "get on welfare" with "Free medical care."
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    No ticky no shirty...

    Aliens go home,
    "What is truth?'
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    quote:Originally posted by us55840

    Anyone in this country illegally should not be entitled to any government assistance program PERIOD!

    Love it! Contrast that to the previous DEMOCRAT who intentionally used entitlements to attract them.
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