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gotta have one of these

53hawkeye53hawkeye Member Posts: 4,673
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fn p90, its a bit on the download but worth it


  • 53hawkeye53hawkeye Member Posts: 4,673
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    Just watched "Extreme Machines" about armored cars.

    The culmination of this was the smart truck. Developed by the military this truck nearly has it all.

    It looked like a pickup with a nice camper shell, but with several differences.

    It could deploy electronics to knock you down when attempting to open the door( Shocking)!

    If a crowd got too close it could spray you with pepper spray or worse I suppose,

    Of course it was armored, but could also deploy a grenade launcher.

    If you liked, it could drop road tacks to blow out a vehicles tires and if that didn't work it dropped an oil slick.

    The newer version was to have actual missle launchers among other niceties.

    Would sure like one of these just for driving in ordinary traffic with all the morons out these days.
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