C&P Town spends $1 million to buy, shut strip club

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LAVONIA, Ga. - A small town in northeast Georgia has bought a strip club, but it's not planning to get into the adult entertainment business.

The town of Lavonia could have used nearly $1 million to pay off the bond fund for a water treatment plant upgrade. Instead, officials bought Cafe Risque, which they have long tried to shut down.

Lavonia's mayor got a standing ovation when he announced the deal at a meeting earlier this week. Crews took down the signs advertising it and burned them in a large bonfire at the strip club site, near a major highway.

Florida businessman Jerry Sullivan opened Cafe Risque in 2001. The city went to court several times to close it, but Sullivan's lawyers argued successfully that nude dancing was a constitutionally protected form of expression.

Lavonia has since passed an ordinance outlawing adult entertainment businesses.

Sullivan died in his sleep in 2006, but the club continued to operate. The city was finally able to buy it after negotiations.


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    That's my home town. The guy tricked them into letting him build in 2001 by saying it would be a family resturant similar to Cracker Barrel called Skeeters Biscuits. That did NOT belong in Lavonia. There are plenty only 40 minutes down the road in Athens.[:)]
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    Once again a minority of small minded goons makes much ado about nothing. If the place wasn't needed, surly the dictates of a free market enterprise would have caused them to go bankrupt.
    The stupidity and misplaced priorities of "do-gooders" never ceases to amaze me.
    I read in the morning paper today that Saudi Arabia banned the sale of cats and dogs because men would use them to make conversation with women. Closed mindsets aren't all these freedom hating people have in common. [xx(]
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    If it belonged there or not should have never been the question,last time I checked we are still in America ,unless he was breaking some building code or opened it too close to an exisiting school or church or something you should be able to open an adult bar anywhere you want,its your money,if there is no need for it you will go broke and it will close.thats how a free market world works,,too spend tax dollars to buy it and close it is crazy and they should be charged some how for the waste of the peoples money
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    How do you know your in a bible belt.
    The city spends a million dollars so they can "LOOK GOOD' and righteous.

    Why that mayor can waste that much money so easily, he should get a promotion. Probably use this to run for congress.
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