Sold the Nissan, Gott Sei Dank

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I bought this beauty 6 years ago, it is a 1998, it had 98,000 miles on it and not a square inch of rust. Four wheel drive with a stick.
I live in the NC mountains and I found this truck down in the flat lands of South Carolina where it doesn't snow.

It snows up here a lot. But I am gone all the time, and have only driven this truck in the snow six or eight times. And, every time, when I got home I immediately washed off the undercarriage. Got a frost proof spigot.

Well a year ago I found out that my truck was all rusted up on the frame, I was shocked! Damn salt and calcium chloride they put on the snow.

So I put the truck up on {elsewhere} for $2900. It has only 130,000 miles on it and if it were not rusty would be worth $7K.
So I put it up for $2900 not knowing what it would really be worth.
Didn't get too much response to the ad but finally got a guy in Hot Springs, get this, the guy is 95 years old, he wanted the truck.

His 62 year old son drove him up here to buy it 2 weeks ago, I cranked up the truck to meet them at the Ingles store, and the brake pedal went to the floor. Damn brake line had rusted in two and all the brake fluid was gone.
I drove it on down there, only 5 miles to the Ingles store, of course I couldn't let them drive it but they agreed to buy it for $2200 if I would get the brakes fixed.

So I drove it over to my mechanic and paid $200 to get the brakes fixed, and I told my mechanic to fix all brakes lines if necessary I didn't want to sell a death trap. He only fixed that one line.

So three days ago the guys drove back up to buy the truck, on the test drive the right front caliper was locking up a little bit. I had to knock off another hundred bucks for that so I got $2100 for the old Nissan.

Damn it just makes me sick this truck is in great condition other than the rust and I would have kept it for the rest of my life if it weren't rusted out. Damn.


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