Memorial Day....

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For those who have served, are serving and for those that will serve in the future, I salute you all.

I was never in the Military, but have the utmost respect for all of you.

I am going to do things a bit different this year. Each year we fire off a model rocket. It is shot off with the biggest motor we can use with some sort of safety. [:)] They go out of sight never to be seen again. I have always put my name and address in them so if they are found I would hope to hear where.

This year I would like to add names of Military folks, I have a capsule to keep them dry and safe and hope to some day get notice of where it was found and by whom? The capsule will have a separate chute so it will be able to travel a much greater distance. The rocket will just be for lift.

If you would like a name added just reply here or even send a e-mail if you would rather. On the names, just send me who and how you would like it written. First, last name whatever you feel the person would like.

It will launch at dusk Monday.

Have a good weekend folks, David.
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