This Has been a Real Strange Weekend

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so far and it is not even half over.

Thursday my printer that I raved about in a recent GB thread took a crap. Thursday night my boy son Russ 32 years old got engaged to his girl friend of 6 years Amanda. They are now planning an October 2014 wedding.

Friday found out one of my nieces Carmen who is 30 years old has some kind of cancer in her women parts and has to have all those parts removed. Prayers appreciated.

Friday found out that one of my sister in laws was watching my nephews dog. She had it outside on to long a cable and to make a long story short the dog mauled some 80 year old woman and the women was taken to a hospital and had to get a bunch of stitches on her hand and abdomen. Not sure what kinda a dog it was but it was some form of pit bull, rottweiler or boxer don't exactly know as I've never seen it. The dog was taken by the cops and put down.

Friday took the Exploder in for what I thought was a loose tire rod end. Yep I was right but they also said the rear wheel bearing was ready to fall off and I needed upper control arms as well or $1600 worth of work. Told them to fix the tie rod and the wheel bearing and with the four wheel alignment still cost me $800.

Saturday found the exact same printer that I had on {elsewhere} for $20. Went to go buy it and got lost for nearly 45 minutes because I map quested the DR part of the address instead of the Court.

Got home and hooked up the printer and it works fine so I took the wife to Red Lobster and when there met these two guys talking in a funny language that had Harley shirts on. Asked them where they came from and they said Brazil. They were mystified at the Lobster tank.

Well I'm back home and the weekend isn't even half over yet. Wonder what's gonna happen next[?][?][?]


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