My Yearly Physical

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I have Blue Cross and Medicare and they both have different questions and none of them have anything to do with guns.

I am in NC your state may vary.


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    Are you disappointed ?
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    Be well Dave.

    As far as I know guns don't cause cancer.

    I see one intern occasionally who has to help you fill out a questionnaire on a tablet.

    Her Hillary h-arrow button and her seven sisters snobbery is unbearable.

    I deliberately give her shocking answers and use words that she has to Google the definition to grade my reply.

    When she asked about illness history or genetic anomalies I said that I was a sesquipedalion and my family had several members suffering from the same problem.

    I guess I am an a-whole but so be it.

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    No i am glad i have heard from others that they are asked this and i was just posting about NC
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