Rossi M92

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i know why the Rossi M92 rifle breaks firing pins and how to fix it.


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    I've had 3 Rossi M92s and when I buy one
    I disassemble it and smooth the action.
    This past one (a 357) I took it a part,
    did my thing and the locking lugs keep
    binding up to the point of having to tap
    them down a 1/4 inch with a plastic hammer
    so I can open the action.I can't for the life of
    me figure it out.
    Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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    Have any of you people d&T for a receiver sight
    on one of these rifles?
    If so any tips?

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    The thumb safety fell out of my
    Rossi during recoil and I can't seem to locate
    how it's held in with the manual installations.
    In fact it is not included in the Parts List


    PS-I'm not feeling good about my new purchase.
    It just sours me when a "wardrobe" malfunction
    happens in the first ten shots with a new gun
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    Something isn't working right.

    Don was busy....[;)]
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    you bwoke it[B)]
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    Thank you for the advice it was quite enlightening.
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    You did something Rong
    Why don't we go to school and work on the weekends and take the week off!
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    I've got a M92 also, bought a CD from Stevesgunz.com and did all the stuff he recommended and mine runs great. If no one here offers a solution give Steve a call, he is a great guy and very willing to help with problems like yours. Steve probably knows more about the Rossi lever guns than the Rossi factory.


    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you"
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    Well what are friends for anyway[:D]
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    I have one also in 44 Magnum. Mine has worthless factory sights on it, and I have thought about scoping it, but it's not very high on my priority list.
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