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Gun rights activists say new laws won't stem killi

EMCSEMCS Member Posts: 4,063
Gun rights activists say new laws won't stem killings
Yamiche Alcindor,

Mike Crow cleans, shoots and loves every one of his dozens of guns.

For the Oak Ridge, Tenn., native, the weapons are about exercising his constitutional rights, protecting his family, passing down traditions and just having a good time.

"I think the legal aspects of supporting the Second Amendment are extremely important," said Crow, 58, a firearms dealer. "In a perfect world, without carry permits, anybody ought to be able to own a gun and anybody ought to be able to carry a gun."

This weekend, Crow and about 250 other pro-gun advocates from across the country gathered at the Second Amendment Foundation's 27th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. They spent three days talking about how to protect and expand the right to bear arms, at a time when several recent mass shootings have spurred debates about strengthening gun regulations.

Many participants grew up with guns, learned to shoot at an early age, and have passed down their experience to their children. Others came into gun ownership recently -- some after being attacked or after having a friend introduce them to recreational and competitive shooting.

Throughout the gathering, conference-goers lamented what they say is an unfair focus on gun control when violent incidents occur, even as the topic of crime and gun violence rarely is mentioned in this year's election campaigns.

During panel discussions, casual conversations and late-night dinners, participants often said limiting where you can carry a gun creates unarmed targets for criminals and does little to stop people bent on hurting others.

Crow's collection of guns, which includes hunting rifles, combat rifles, pistols and revolvers,
feels he's under attack each time a criminal abuses the Second Amendment, he said.
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