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I put a camel spider in with a scorpion and the spider became lunch



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    Cool. I like stuff like that. In fact, there's a fat, female scorpion in a jar on my counter right now. Found it crawlin' down the hallway last night. I can tell she's a female by her teats. [;)]

    Many years ago I inherited a red-legged tarantula from an acquaintance. That thing lived a lot o' years. One day I had a leftover white mouse from a snake feedin' (had a big gopher snake). Didn't have anywhere to put it and needed to leave the house pronto, so I put it in with the spider. Figured they'd each take a corner and have a stand-off.

    When I returned, the spider had the mouse pinned on its back looking anesthetized but not dead. It was slowly ripping meat off the mouse's chest and eating it, while the mouse just layed there takin' it.

    Never thought I'd know how that mouse felt,
    until this last presidential election.
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