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    quote:Originally posted by edgecam
    I did that when I was his age.....girl must be in heat! LOL![:D]
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    Good sense of smell.
    You couldn't pay me enough to hike with a female in bear country.
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    Not much of a joking or humorous matter.

    It could have turned into a very serious matter quickly and unexpectantly ... with ominous consequences.

    PS: Have heard that more folks are killed by moose than by bear, and it is not unusual for a buck to kill a person. Most folks believe in Bambi ... but do not know about nature and wildlife.
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    ....that was/is an extremely dangerous thing to do.
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    Reminds me of the people who hand-feed bears.
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    young and stupid buck... not even close to an alpha...more like a delta or epsilon buck...
    rifle butt upside the head would serve and equivalent lesson to the alpha buck running him off [:D]
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    Lucky it wasnt this guy!

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    Sort of funny, but rutting bucks have killed people.
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    She was a female and the buck knew the difference.He might have knocked her down and had his way with her but I doubt he would have killed her.
    I have no doubt the Grizzly Man's girlfriend was responsible for their demise.
    A man monkeying with a buck might well have been killed.
    There's some U-Tube footage of a buck tearing up a hunter.
    Once on a deer stand, a doe sprang into view and hopped in a semi circle around me all the while making a buzzing, rasping sound. She was clearly looking to be serviced but I wasn't in the mood.
    Nevertheless, I kept a bead on her in case it looked dangerous.
    She gave up and hopped away after about a minute.
    No joking with wild animals and not even with some pets.
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    I don't know much about deer or hunting, are you serious about the deer wanting you, a hunter to service it? I thought deer were afraid of humans. I've never been closer then 20 feet from one.
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    Fine camera work. Cool, but lucky she didn't get hurt. Wrong time of the month for her.
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    The guy recording was a Tard.[B)]

    Laughs like a girl, I couldn't stand to listen to it.[:(]
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    The ranch I worked for donated some land for a nature center,
    wildlife rehab place. It was more like a little zoo, but they had
    a six point buck they called rudy that was very tame. They had
    lots of people working off their comunity service there for
    DUIs, and a lot for petty drug charges which made for some interesting folks. Anyway when the girls working there were
    in that right time, Rudy would go bonkers to the point where
    they could'nt go in the pen to feed him.The guy that ran the place
    ask us to help him with rudys problem so a little quick work
    with a xx case, and Rudy mellowed right out. The funny thing was,
    he was in velvet when we cut him, and never shed that rack.
    He was a six point in velvet for I guess the rest of his life.
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    'sup baaaaybeeee! ;) )
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    A stud horse would have nailed her!
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    She must have been ragging. Pretty stupid thing to do, no matter what size the buck was.
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    Animals have many times the sense of smell humans have.
    For some reason only hunters seem to be aware of it.
    Yes it's true, that doe did a dance in an arc around me buzzing all the while.
    Our back porch abuts a golf course and a lot of protected deer.
    In season, I've observed bucks running with their noses almost touching the ground tracking females by scent as they're in season too.
    Predators have a highly developed sense of smell. Blood or no I still wouldn't hike in bear country with a female.
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    High school that almost happened with a Big Ram. Girl(One of the real Hot ones) was feeding her Boyfriends sheep. Ram pined her bent over to the fence.

    She was real Lucky I was just a couple of feet away. And yes I was Admiring her bent over. Probably the only reason I was able to help her.
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    It's all fun and games, til someone turns up pregnant.
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    Obviously the components of hormones are very similar between species...

    Hormones... are Hormones.... are Hormones...
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    quote:Originally posted by retroxler58
    Obviously the components of hormones are very similar between species...

    Hormones... are Hormones.... are Hormones...

    You know the difference between a hormone and an enzyme?

    You can't hear an enzyme.
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    Google estrus in human females. Scent varies thruout the cycle. It is apparently more pleasant during estrus not the bloody part of the cycle.
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    She definitely got winded. Primoes Buck Scent Attracters needs to get her in their lab for further analysis to see if they can bottle that stuff.!!! [:D]
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