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Baptism @ Ink's Lake

MaxOHMSMaxOHMS Member Posts: 14,715
edited September 2012 in General Discussion
We had our Church service at the lake today because a young man (Jonathan-15) wanted to show outwardly what happened to him inwardly.

Jonathan is a very special young man.

He was supposed to die before birth.

After he was born, he was not expected to live.

After a few days, he was only supposed to live a few weeks/months.

He was not supposed to ever roll himself over, sit up, and certainly not ever to walk.

He reads the King James Bible as well as anyone.

If you ever heard him sing "Jesus Loves Me", you would have to be heartless to not shed at least a tear or two.

Jonathan does not like to put his head under water.

He has had a small pool for several years, and he always keeps his head above water.

He was determined to be baptized, and some coaching/preparation was necessary.

Inks Lake feeds from the deepest part of Lake Buchanan and is a small lake, making it a cold lake.

There was heavy cloud cover and the wind was gusting @ about 25 to 30 MPH.

Jonathan was still determined.

Our Pastor and Elder (76) planned a quick in, get-it-done, and out.

Our Elder blew out a flip-flop and fell in!

Our rejoicing was delayed a few seconds until our Elder came back up and regained his footing.

We lit the charcoal in the grill as the wet ones got dry, had communion, sang another hymn, and shared fellowship-by-the-grill.

No better way to begin the week. (IMO)


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