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Corp. Roscoe R. Wilson 9-30-1918

searcher5searcher5 Member Posts: 13,511
edited September 2012 in General Discussion
Was doing some work down at the local musuem, where I have recently become curator. I was pretty pumped about the job, because they told me I'd be drawing the same salary as the President of the Historical society. Then I found out they don't pay him anything. Anyway, I came across two photographs of Roscoe Wilson. One, a young and promising man, and the other, a more dapper, rakish looking type fellow. Kind of a Clark Gable look to him. On the back of the latter photo, was the inscription, "Roscoe R. Wilson, died Sept 30, 1918 in Meuse, France.

Upon digging more, I found that he died of his wounds in the Battle of the Argonne Forest. Now, I can't find much more, but I am digging. He is buried here, at Edna, Kansas. We was attached to the 137th Infantry.

Anyway, he died 94 years ago today, fighting for our freedom. I doubt that there are many who think of him on this day, but I am, and hopefully, some of you take a moment as well.

RIP, sir, and thank you for your sacrifice.



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