What an idiot, how can anyone be this stupid??

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Everyone knows you vaccum seal it and bury it in coffee,,, dummy

Well, he's gonna have plenty of time to rethink his actions HAHAHAHA [:D]


An Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Trooper followed his nose to a big drug bust last night during a routine safety inspection on a semi.

The trooper stopped the truck for an inspection on eastbound I-70 in Putnam county around 6:30 p.m. The truck driver, 52 year old Richard Sherman of El Cajon, was hauling television parts from California to Pennsylvania.

As the trooper chatted with Sherman, he noticed an overwhelming odor of yellow mustard coming from the cab of the truck. This, along with some other indicators of possible criminal activity, led to a search of the cab.

The trooper discovered 48 pounds of "high grade" marijuana in 36 individual packages that were covered in yellow mustard. ISP estimates the street value of the marijuana to be around $200,000.

Sherman was arrested and charged with dealing marijuana over 10 pounds and possession of marijuana over 10 pounds with prior offense, both felonies.


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