Where can I find this gun?

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I am turning 18 very soon here and for my birthday, I am trying to find a Kar 98 to buy. does anyone here know where I would be able to find one? I live in Minnesota so anything in the surrounding are would be great!


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    You should be able to find one in a local shop, or the local shop should be willing to do the transfer paperwork for you should you buy one from the auction side.

    "Hi, y'all have a K98 in stock? No? Ok, well if I get one online, how much to do the transfer work for me? Ok! Thanks!"

    Note that on the auction side, you'll need to create an account since the forums and auctions aren't "tied".
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    Lacrosse Monkey 56.

    Welcome to the Gunbroker Forums!

    This is a link to a list of gunshops in Minnesota. I'm sure it's not complete:

    Minn. Gunshop List

    The second thing to do is to get into the Yellow Pages and look up your local gunshops and retailers. Call them to see if any Kar's are available.

    Third thing to do is fire up that computer again and using a good search engine, use the term "Kar 98 for sale" and look for links that have these for sale.

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    Lacrosse Monkey,

    Welcome to the forum! I was just at the Gunstop yesterday and they have one. Coyote Creek, in Rochester, had one as well when I was there last. My FFL is selling a collection of Mausers for a guy he knows and I believe he had several. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have them listed here yet but he will eventually. What part of Minnesota are you in?
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    Mitchels Mausers?
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    Mitchel's Mauser's has some very good ones.
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    Thanks alot guys! I have always been a fan of bolt action rifles, and i think the Kar98 would be a great start to a gun collection that I hope to grow.
    >SandWarrior> I am from Wayzata, it is just west of the Twin Cities. I have family in Rochester, so I may have to pay them a visit and look up Coyote Creek.
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    Lacrosse Monkey 56,

    If you are in Wayzata then you should go in to the Gunstop. It's right next to the post office on Excelsior.
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