Lose the CTEME, What 7.62 NATO bolt mil surpluss

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I am selling my CETME and will buy myself a M1A in two years when I finish grad school. In the meantime, since I have a C&R I have been looking at Ishapores and the various Mausers (Israeli K98) chambered in .308 (7.62 NATO more properly). Anyone have preferences?


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    I always prefer the Mauser over the Enfield. Controlled round feeding and the ability to get parts make the Mauser a better choice. However, most Israeli Mausers I have seen are beat to hell and back. There is however the Spanish ones which seem to be in better shape as far as mil surp goes.
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    Mauser, but you may not be able to buy a M1a in a few years... at the least, get some mags now...
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    I admit to having an attraction to both the Israeli and the Ishapore out of sentimental rather than logical reasons. My Jewish wife loves India and with either I was hoping to trick her into a trip to the range. Price also seems to favor the Ishapore at this point in my financial life, although I see the K98 for around $250 too.
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    I would spend the extra and get the M1A and a basketful of mags NOW. That was my intent before I caught the AR bug and now I can't change course. The old bolt actions are ok for limited use but for constant,week in week out shooting, the M1A will hold up and keep shooting. In addition, it will give considerably more firepower due to the magazine feed.
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    You could also go with a FAL. There are some good used ones or parts kit builds out there are very reasonable prices. I paid 500 for mine used.
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    Right now on the market the enfield is a better buy. You can get them in a heck of a lot better shape, and for 1/2 the price of the mauser, check out aimsurplus.comm . The best Israeli mauser I have seen was at a gun show in North Carolina, I paid $300 for it. The spannish made some iffy 7.62 mausers, I would stay away from if you want a daily shooter and not a collector. A c&rffl is the worst thing in the world to get, all your money will go the feed it! I bought 10 guns in my 1st 2 months of having mine, and 24 in the 1st year.
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    I'd suggest an M14SA or one of the forged versions of the M14
    receiver, rather than the cast, non-specification unit from
    the company in Illinois. The strength difference is profound,
    especially in terms of durability. Smith may still have some.
    It won't be cheap, but you can pick up a receiver and pick away
    at the parts over time.
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    Ooops. Forgot my main thought. Bear in mind, a Mauser in 7.62x51
    NATO is way closer to the original concept than the Ishapore
    7.62, which is a rather strange and different spin off the original.
    The Enfields have one advantage, though, and that is they have at least twice the magazine capacity. My last one held 11 rounds in the magazine, which really surprised me, and I had the feeling had I forced it a little, I could probably have gotten 12 in it.
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