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Baby Dragoon

hunter.bhunter.b Member Posts: 223 ✭✭
edited September 2014 in Ask the Experts
Looking at a collection of Colts and there is a Colt Baby Dragoon with late serial numbers and without a loading lever.Has correct screws, address, and patend date, but a round trigger guard.Anyone ever heard of this? Hunter Burden


  • Spider7115Spider7115 Member, Moderator Posts: 29,704 ******
    edited November -1
    Are you sure it isn't a Model 1849 "Wells Fargo" model? They had a round trigger guard and strongly resembled a Baby Dragoon.

    The revolvers below are replicas but show all three models together.

    Top: Baby Dragoon
    Center: "Wells Fargo" Pocket Model
    Bottom: Standard Model 1849 Pocket Model

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