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Value - 1957 Colt 1911 in 38 Super

MOONEDMOONED Member Posts: 936 ✭✭
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I picked this pistol up about three years ago and had a fellow recently tell me he would like to buy it. I have not put a value on it because I really don't know what an honest price is because of the unoriginal components of the pistol (front & rear sights, trigger, hammer, grips, though not shown).

Sorry the pictures are so poor. It's rained here for three days, so good lighting has been an issue.

Any educated suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks all for the input.
Perry, I sent you an email yesterday.




  • rufe-snowrufe-snow Member Posts: 18,649 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Do you know definitely, it's still .38 Super? Supers reworked to that extent, might be 38 Special?

    Breech face and extractor, would have to have been been opened up. As the 38 Special rim is larger in diameter, and thicker than the 38 Super.

    EDIT #1,

    It's possible that the Colt's original .38 Super barrel and extractor, have been replaced. And the Giles .38 Special barrel, extractor and magazine, "lost". This would negatively affect it's value to a collector/shooter. Who would be wanting a original Giles reworked .38 Special.
  • perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
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    Your pistol was modified By master pistol smith John Giles In FL. I Also THINK it is currently modified to shoot 38 Special. The sights are his trade mark . And his work was of the highest grade. Condition is Not the greatest but I would bet with the right hand loads it would shoot very small groups. Find a old school Bulls-eye shooter like myself or member BPOST on this forum user list he NEEDS that pistol I will try to post a picyture or two on this posting if I can get photobucket to work I collect Giles guns . If you double click on my user name & send me a personal email with your email address I know I can send you pictures direct > I have a GILES BIO I can send you a copy of if you have
    a fax machine. Cheers Karl. Don't sell for less than $1000.00 and you may get more on auction here. Dont try to shoot 38 super until you

    know it is not 38 Special.

  • NOAHNOAH Member Posts: 9,690
    edited November -1
    serial number lookup on colt web site is calling for MAYBE [?] a super match 38

    you might have something to research more
  • perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
    edited November -1
    Because The gun has been modified into a match grade Bulls-Eye pistol It will never be a Collector grade 38 super . It however most likely would be a Great gun to shoot targets with If the grips are as I suspect also custom made in John Giles's shop they would most likely be worth $200.00 or there about.
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