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303 ammo

DokeyDokey Member Posts: 929 ✭✭✭
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can someone tell me the difference between 303 british and 303 savage?


  • DokeyDokey Member Posts: 929 ✭✭✭
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    Is 303 savage and 303 British ammo the same?
  • MIKE WISKEYMIKE WISKEY Member, Moderator Posts: 9,752 ******
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    NO!...........not even close
  • beantownshootahbeantownshootah Member Posts: 12,776 ✭✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by Dokey
    Is 303 savage and 303 British ammo the same?

    No. Despite the name, these are totally different cartridges, and are NOT interchangeable. Trying to fire a .303 British through a .303 Savage rifle. . .not a good idea.

    .303 British take a .312" projectile. .303 Savage takes a conventional .308" projectile, and is shorter in length than the British military cartridge. .303 Savage is somewhat similar to a 30/30, though a bit more powerful (and potentially accurate).

    I'm deliberately NOT embedding the image here, because its large, but if you click on this link you can see the differences between these cartridges. From left to right 30-30 Win, 303 Sav (silver tip bullet), 308 Win, 303 British:

    You didn't ask, but .303 Savage is basically obsolete. I don't think ANY of the major manufacturers have made ammo for this cartridge in at least 10 years. Which isn't to say its impossible to find loaded ammo, only that selection will be limited, and prices a bit higher than more common rounds.

    If you want to get your hands on some, factory loaded ammo still turns up for sale on the auction site here.

    There are also a few of the small specialty loaders who sell these, eg:*=157985&CAT=3818

    Also, unlike in years past, new factory 303 Savage brass actually is available now from Privi Partizan and others, so if you wanted to (re)load your own rounds you can do that without having to create your own brass by converting other rounds.


    Edit, responding to below:

    quote:I think Norma still loads it.
    Well, Norma did a run of 303 Savage brass a few years ago, and at least one of the commercial reloaders used it to make Norma-headstamped loaded rounds.

    So it wouldn't at all surprise me if there were some old stock Norma headstamped rounds on a dusty shelf in some gun store somewhere.

    But neither 303 Savage brass nor loaded ammo are listed on the Norma USA or main Norma websites right now, meaning neither is in current production. While its not impossible that Norma could do another run of this brass again in the future, I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Demand is relatively low, and others seem to be filling that niche now.

    Hornady also made a limited run of this with Graf a few years ago, but its out of stock everywhere, and its probably pretty hard to get your hands on any of it now.

    Starline also has made 303 Savage brass in the past. They don't list any on their website now, but this company does do limited runs of rarer cartridges every so often, so its possible they might again.
  • richardaricharda Member Posts: 405 ✭✭✭
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    I think Norma still loads it.
  • AmbroseAmbrose Member Posts: 3,003 ✭✭✭
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    That's an old, old question. Savage made some No. 4 British Enfields for lend/lease during WWII. I used to hear frequently that, since Savage made them, they were chambered for the .303 Savage. NOT!
  • peabopeabo Member Posts: 3,098
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    Rare but can still be found.
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