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Hi any know how to add a picture on here thanks Ed


  • nmyersnmyers Member Posts: 16,809 ✭✭✭✭
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    Posting Photos on the Gunbroker Forum

    This may sound complicated, but after doing it a few times it will seem easy.

    1) Establish an account on a photo hosting website; I use This site is free. They accept donations, but do not hassle you if you don't donate. There are a couple of other free photo hosting websites.

    2) Put your photos on your computer's hard drive (generally :C). You will probably want to make a file folder that you use just for photos. The photos should be in .jpeg format.

    3) You then want to move the photo you want to post to your Photobucket space. Go to Photobucket & login under your account. After pressing the Browse button, find the photo on your computer & Move it to your Photobucket album.

    4) Go to the Gunbroker forum & write your response. Click on the icon that looks like a postcard with mountains. This will create characters that look like "image brackets". You are going to have to paste the address of your photo between the 2 sets of brackets. Go to your Photobucket album & double click on the photo you want to post in order to enlarge it. Right click on the photo to bring up a box with Properties at the bottom. Left click on Properties. This will bring up a box containing the address of your photo. Highlight the entire address with your cursor. Right click on the highlighted address & left click Copy.

    5) Go back to your Gunbroker response & left click between the 2 sets of brackets. Right click your mouse to open a box, & left click on Paste.

    6) Press the Preview button to be sure that you did everything correctly. If you did, your photo will appear in your response. If not, go back & try again.
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