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==EAA Bunda shotgun question==

Master7thSonMaster7thSon Member Posts: 229 ✭✭✭
edited February 2012 in Ask the Experts
I recently purchased a used EAA Bunda shotgun on gunbroker.
Hoping to find someone who can help me figure out if I might have lost a part when changing barrels.
Gun does not eject light loads----double 00 buck ejects fine.
need to know two things since support from EAA has been non-existent.
1st----does this weapon possess two extractors?
I have a hard time seeing details in the owners manual.

Question #2---in the diagram in manual it shows a part kinda shaped like a wish-bone part #17 identified as a "Sleeve Slap spring".
I do not see this part in my weapon and wonder if i might have lost that part---please if you can tell me how it sits in the weapon.
You might need the serial number for this----seems it does matter.
B U 19735

Any help would be very much appreciated since I'd like to pick off unwanted birds from time to time. Thanks-a-million!


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