Thompson Center Contender question

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I am selling this Contender for a local person. He told me it was a G2 model. I received an e-mail from a person on the auction side telling me that its not a G2. How do I tell if its a G2 or not?


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    That is not a G2. The G2's have the "boss" around the top like
    the encore. That is that thicker area around the top of the frame.
    The "cat" engraving dates it as well.
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    Would the serial # ID the modle ?
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    The serial number would date it as well, but the easiest way to tell, is the G2 does not have the engraving as a standard item, and has the thicker boss around the top of the frame, and looks like a smaller version of the Encore'.

    The one shown in the auction, is actually one of the earliest versions, with the "push botton" selector, on the hammer, versus the "swivel type" selector, for selecting rimfire or center fire.

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    You have a first generation Contender frame.
    G2,s are plain sided and have a boss along the top for renforcement.
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    Thank you for the information!
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