What is the best way to shorten a vent rib barrel?

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I have a 12 gauge I want to make a 20 inch barrel or at least as close as I can cause a the rib. It is a Mossberg. Is the rib supports each welded or solidered (sp)? How should I cut it and do I need to reattach the rib support? Thanks......


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    Cut as close to mid point of rib support leaving more support or as much as you feel best with...

    After cut solder and file smooth.
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    ,,,,just did the same with a pump,,,,,,,I cut with a hacksaw in front of a rib support and then cut the 'rib' back about ?" from the end to prevent escaping gases from possibly dislodging the rib.

    Trued the muzzle end and put a small radius to finish,,,,
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    I cut my 870 about 1/8 inch from the rib mount. Then filed the rib back. I also put screw in chokes, a no choke bbl isn't very usefull.
    edit The project was done almost 20 years ago. I started with cutting down an H&R Topper. I took it out and shot it but was not impressed with the cylinder bore. I was going to either "Jug" or "Tula" choke it. A friend had just gotten the TruChoke reamer/tap set. I think he had both thin and regular. The H&R needed thinwall. At the same time I had my choice of 6 870 Rem Express so I picked the one that would work with the thinwall tubes. The reamer will square the end of the bbl (a side note that the 4 flukes hit the bbl's at the same time, apparently I had done a good job with the hand held hacksaw). Next was cutting the internal threads and installing front beads. The 870 got a smaller mid bead and a front in the rib. The H&R need a piece of rib soldered on the bbl as it was too thin to take a bead. Anyway I have two shotguns that share 5 choke tubes. Skeet #2 is my favorite. It pays to use the correct choke tube grease! I think you can rent the tools
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    If its a coach gun no need for chokes...
    How did you thread your inner barrel and for which style chokes?

    quote:Originally posted by charliemeyer007
    I cut my 870 about 1/8 inch from the rib mount. Then filed the rib back. I also put screw in chokes, a no choke bbl isn't very usefull.
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    If it's a decent barrel keep it for other purposes. Look for a cheap used one that is possibly damaged where you don't need it and cut that one. If in the future you want your old barrel back you will probably pay more for a good longer barrel to replace the one you cut than you will a beat up shortie. JMO...[:)]

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