Colt Screws with Red Washers?

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Maybe a silly question but I took apart the 1892 SAA .38 Colt possibly refinished by Colt. For sure refinished and for sure had been back to the factory, but no hard evidence the refinish was by Colt. Most of the screws had tiny red washers under the heads, made what seems like a tough hard paper. Question is there any info that Colt ever put such washers on SAA screws? -- or any other relevant info.

Not to beat a willing horse, but there are lots of answers out there to questions never asked. Thanks


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    RH; looking back at the pictures on your other thread, in the second set of pictures that show a close up of the frame, the screws look like original 1st Generation screws, but they do look like they are setting high, I guess that was because of the washers/paper you found under the heads.

    Colt never, to my knowledge, used any type of washer or buffer under the screw heads during prewar production. However, I think Colt did use them during postwar, perhaps starting with 3rd Generation production. I really don't know much about postwar Single Actions, but illustrations and parts breakdowns that I have do show washers on the postwar Single Actions.

    How long have you owned the Colt? A previous owner might have put the washers on the screws. The screws and slots would have to be manufactured to accommodate washers, so they wouldn't work well on 1st Generation Single Actions and I don't believe Colt would have put them on your gun.

    Did you find any rework numbers when you disassembled the Colt?

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    I've had it maybe 15 years. Bought it at LGS for $600 because it was priced right & such a nice refinish job. Seller figured it was one that someone put in a .38 Colt barrel and cylinder as a shooter. It doesn't look like it has been fired. I found no additional marks. S/N is 144Ks. I'm about decided there's not much chance of learning anything more about it.

    This comes from a saying that "there's a lot of answers out there to questions never asked". Apparently this is not one of them.
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