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I've inherited some old firearms, including a Beaumont-Vitali rifle mfg. in 1876. I suspect that this one was cut down sometime in the past. Its barrel measures about 24-3/4" and from I've found, the original barrel measured about 32-1/2". Did they ever mfg. a carbine length version, or is it likely this one was cut shorter to make it easier to handle for hunting?

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    According to my reference. The Dutch never used had/used a carbine version of the Beaumont-Vitali. In the 1890's they were sold as surplus, after the Dutch adopted the Model 1895 Mannlicher rifle.

    The large European surplus arms dealers. The Dutch sold the rifles to. Converted some into carbines. They are listed in the Alpha 1911 catalog. Very poor woodcut illustration. The dimensions given are 40" long and 7 3/4 lbs. weight.
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    I have one of those with 32 1/2" barrel. Large numbers were imported long ago when they became obsolete for Dutch military use in the 1890s and many were "sporterized" by shortening the forearm, as was done with mine; yours was apparently taken a step further. Saw an unmodified original at a gun show a couple years ago with bayonet.
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    I'll assume then that it was cut down for a hunting rifle.

    Another question, does this qualify as an antique rifle? Or am I better off still using an FFL if I sell it (ammunition can still be made/bought).
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    No FFL required as these guns are too old. Do a search on auction side for Beaumont & you will see a number of them. Ammo can be had but is spendy. There were two types of ammo made for the guns, they are not quite interchangeable as per COTW. Remington-made 43 Egyptian ammo made years ago was advertised as a substitute. Gad Custom Ammo in Wisc. offers it on their web site.
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