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I'd like opinions on making a barrel change on a Colt Woodsman.
The pistol is a 95%+, 1938-6' barreled Woodsman with a front sight I can't see and a Colt replacement 4 1/2" high gloss Sport barrel having a wider fixed blade.
Would you make the change?


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    I have mixed feeling doing mods. If it makes it so you can shoot and enjoy your pistol and you don't care about the loss in value, I say go for it.

    I really hate when Bubba ruins a nice gun due to just poor skills, or folks who scratch their name on stuff.
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    Pre War Woodsman, in Very Good condition. Have substantial value to collectors nowadays.

    Might consider selling it. Using the funds to buy a high quality modern .22. That you can mount a small/light, red dot type sight on. If your having vision problems? A red dot is the way to go.
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    I have 3 PRE war woodsman a Match target with elephant ear grips
    a 6 inch and a sport model with adjustable sights > I for one would not switch barrels if the blueing on the short barrel does not match the bluing on the rest of the gun now with the 6 inch barrel Your 6 inch should have adjustable blade on front sight Why not make a wider blade that would fit in the original sight base and save the original sight blade
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    I would agree with the sell and replace vs. modification.

    there are a couple of 4-1/2" barrel ones on the auction side right now, and you may come out money ahead if you sell/trade your 6" one for a 4-1/2.

    I've got a couple pre-war Match Target Elephant ears, and wouldn't even think about modification.
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    It the front sight is too small, would it be possible to attached something or slip something over it to make the size you would like?
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    The fit of the grip and balance of this pistol are perfect.
    I wouldn't want to change that.
    Subsequent mods by Colt and others, to make more of a target pistol out of it ( except flat trigger), turn me off.
    In my opinion, John Browning had it right the first time.
    Competitive shooters may have different criteria.
    I guess my question should have been to owners of both.
    What are the comparative advantages of each?
    Yes, the replacement barrel is slightly less glossy.
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