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Can the 375 H&H be loaded from target loads to full tilt * kickin' lightning rods? Asking because I've always wanted a 375 but in all honesty really don't have a 100% use for one. Was thinking along the lines of a 44 special where you have a big bore, but can load it with or w/o teeth in the pills. Thanks fellas!



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    the 375 H&H is one of the MOST useful cartridges ever invented. Using 250 gr cast bullets it can be loaded down to about 1000 fps and with gas checks up to 1900 fps, which makes it great for deer and other game historically killed with cartridges such as the 38-55. and with jacketed bullets the spectrum is from 235 gr speers, several great 250 gr, 260 Noslers and if you like hevy bullets, 300 severals and even the 350 gr SMK for long range targets. Did I mention that the 375 is a very flexible cartridge- even more so than the 338 Win Mag.[:)]
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    If you load for it. Will work very well with cast bullets.
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    toad 67, the 375 H&H with cast bullets was a pleasure to shoot, the RCBS 250 grain bullet used was very accurate and easy on the shoulder. With full tilt loads using jacketed bullets it got you attention when pulling the trigger.

    I regret having to sell that Encore barrel, I should have sold a different barrel for the funds I needed.
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    The 220 Hornady flat point is sweet deer harvester in the 375 H&H down loaded with H4895 to around 2200 fps......
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    For many years a load of 45gr of 4198 behind a Spear 230gr SP
    got the job done in spades. Good deer load. (eat right up to
    the bullet hole)
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    I have a 15" barreled Encore pistol in 375 H & H, very versatile. Works great on elk - for killing them and with slow burning powder, cooking them too.[;)]

    I also have a few 375 H & H rifles and as mentioned you can go light very easy. I like the Hornady 200 grain FP with IMR in 4064 or 4895, always seems to do well using about 66 grains or so - light load.
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