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I bought now on a gun and I can not (well as far as I can tell he has not answered my email) get a hold of the seller and tried to ask for gb's help buy emailing them but it just says issue has been fixed, no emails or anything. Can anybody tell me how to talk to a live person instead of the stupid zombie computer? I really don't want my rating to go down. Any help appreciated.


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    Whew, may want to carefully rephrase so we can understand..

    Is your email getting thru to the seller? Really all you need to do is send payment and FFL.
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    You need to read the Posting Guidelines for this forum; questions about auction problems are not supposed to be posted on the forums.

    But, having just gone through a similar problem, I can understand that you are frustrated. Your post may be locked or deleted, but let me see if I can first make a couple of suggestions before that happens:

    --- Did you email him through the GB system? If so, how many times? Did you check your email program's JUNK file?
    --- Did you read & follow the GB Help Center instructions? Did you print out his contact information & email him directly? Did you telephone him at the number listed?
    --- How long have you been trying to contact him? Sometimes folks have other jobs, or get sick, or are out of town, or their computer crashes.

    WE DO NOT GET HELP FROM GB SUPPORT BY EMAILING THEM. THEY DO NOT HAVE A LISTED PHONE NUMBER, SO WE DON'T CALL THEM. That's not how they do business. (Ebay & Facebook are the same way.) The only way that we contact GB is by starting a Support Issue through the GB website. PERIOD. If you have done everything I suggested, & it has been more than 5 days, you should open a Support Issue. My last issue was addressed within 1 day.

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    You need to check your messages on your GunBroker account. GB Support doesn't answer by email. They post the outcome of your question as a message on your message account.
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    varmint x,

    Please read the Posting Guidelines found in the link under the GB logo at the top of every page.

    The forums are not a link to the Auctions. The Auctions are contacted through the Auction Support.

    The answers given above are the correct path.

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