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i have the chance to buy some surplue 8mm ammo, some comes with boxer primer and the other comes with berdan primer. what is the difference and are either of them corrosive? thanks

ok, the first part of the question was answered by using the search function, but the second part,are they corrosive?


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    Boxer primed are what 99% of people that reload use the primer has the cup and anvil the case has one flash hole and a reloading set of dies can punch out the old primer Berdam primers have 2 flash holes and the anvil is bart of the cartridge case you have to use another method to get the old primer out and they WILL NOT interchange. As far as CRROSIVE both types came both ways
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    A description of markings on the headstamp would help us determine primer type and whether or not corrosive.
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    Since you said 8MM I will over some info.
    Romanian Berdan steel cased , corrosive (some still around)
    Turk Berdan Brass cased corrosive (old WWI 154 spitzer bullet) Little to be found)
    Yugo, Berdan brass cased; corrosive 198gr bullet (has hard primer as used for rifle and MG round 98 action other than Yugo may require stronger spring) Some around but going fast, check GB ammo auctions for 900 round cases)
    FNM Berdan brass cased Non corrosive from 7/61 and newer (SAMCO still has some)
    FNM Berdan brass cased corrosive 6/71 and older. (Gone)
    All above use Euro flake powder
    FNM Target, Boxer primed brass cased reloadable with superior bullet and (I believe) R-15 powder (Gone except at higher premium prices comparable to other commercial ammo which this is. Perhaps the best shooting of all available)

    Greek and Wolf 185 br bullet Berdan modern manufactured non corrosive.

    Note, corrosive means it leaves a salt residue in the barrel and if this is cleaned after firing there is no ill affect from corrosive ammo. Do not clean and there can be corrosion problems that you would, IMO, deserve to suffer.

    Because the Chinese and Indians have bought most of the surplus military brass cased ammo (8MM and 7.62X54R) to melt down for the metal there is likely little old ammo remaining except what is left over here and there. It will be rare shortly and if found cheap should be bought.

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