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Could someone explain the significance of the "JM" stamp on the barrels of the older marlin 336's please? Thank You


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    The significance of the JM proof mark, means the rifle was made in the OLD Marlin plant in Connecticut. The ones with the REP proof mark are made in the Remington plant in Illion, NY, and now possibly heading down south. They had problems at first on the new machinery at Remington, but I am hearing they have this somewhat solved.

    As such, the JM commands a premium, when sold.

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    Thanks. I seen a new marlin 1895 up at Scheels sporting goods a couple days ago. I wasn't impressed. The wood was poorly sanded, wasn't stained at all. Just a coat of polyurethane over bare wood. Twas ugly in my opinion. The blueing was light, like it wasn't in the blueing salts long enough, or just poorly done in one of the steps.
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    JM=John Marlin
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    Toad67, I gotta laugh for that. JM. That was so simple and logical. And I never even thought of that. One of them...duh moments. What's that ol' saying, "can't see the forest cause there's too many trees in the way". Thanks for the laugh, and clearing that up. I think I must be getting old.
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    the first remlin were crude but the latest have been improved on fit and finish,,,but now have the mini square next to serial number for i don;t know what ,,record keeping off the line
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    I saw me a new 1895 GBL and I think they're just roll stamping the "checkering" for their lines. Saw a 1895 Guide Gun a while back that was also tramp stamped. I'd rather have plastic stock than that jacked up crap.

    Also be aware of the parts gun that were slapped together by RemLin using Marlin bits. So basically buy guns that were born on 2010 or older.
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