double barrel 45acp.....hah!


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    Back in the 70's one of the gunrags welded a left and right hand 1100 Remington together. Made for an nice alley gun.
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    quote:Originally posted by toad67

    What's next?

    This auction is for a triple-barrel shotgun.

    IMO, things like this are less interesting than they seem. If I need more than two shot capacity from a shotgun, that's why there are pumps and autos.

    Presumeably, you're talking about this double-barrel Arsenal 1911 (which came in 2011). Its effectively two separate single stack 1911s that have been combined by design into one gun:


    IMO this is another gun that has more novelty value than actual value, but at least its an interesting exercise in design.

    On double-barrel ARs. again, not sure what the point is. If you had the gun with two barrels each in an entirely different CALIBER that *MIGHT* add something, but I don't think the design complexity and increased weight would be worth whatever "extra" it added. An extra "upper" would probably get you 90% of the way there with much less cost and complexity.

    quote:Originally posted by charliemeyer007
    Back in the 70's one of the gunrags welded a left and right hand 1100 Remington together. Made for an nice alley gun.
    Sure, if you don't mind walking into an alley with a 16 lb monstrosity! [;)]

    Seriously, limiting factor in terms of rate of fire on shotguns (and most guns) is recoil. Just because you have two separate barrels doesn't mean you're going to be able to get twice the rate of fire. . .in most cases that's NOT going to be true.

    I suppose if your gun is twice as heavy, that will limit recoil too, but you can increase your guns weight without doubling the whole gun action. Plus, who the heck wants to carry around a 16 lb shotgun or a 9 lb 1911? Even if you "can" carry around something like that, the increased weight will decrease its pointability. . its going to take you longer to swing the gun onto target, and in a gunfight, that extra second or three is not inconsequential!

    If you want more payload, bigger magazine is a more practical way of getting that then doubling the entire rest of the gun!
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