noncorrosive primers

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When did noncorrosive primers for ammunition first appear?


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    The German firm of RWS developed the first non-corrosive primer 1901, followed by the Swiss in 1911. Remington introduced the Kleanbore primer in 1927, and Winchester, the Staynless, shortly thereafter. Yet, the U.S. and other national military establishments stuck with the corrosive primer. They found it was more stable and had a longer shelf life than the non-corrosive primer of the day.

    In fact, it was not until 1947 that the U.S. military itself made a significant transition to non-corrosive primers in small arms ammunition--the exception being Ml carbine ammunition that was loaded with noncorrosive sparkplugs from the get go.

    Here is a chart of the military headstamps and the transition dates to non-corrosive:


    Here is a nice article and synopsis:


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