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Anyone know where I can aquire this kit that converts a P22 from .22lr to .17HMR?


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    I've never seen one advertised. If you know who makes one, let me know.
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    I am not going to be much help either on where to find one.

    You are looking for an 17 HM2 set up. The HMR will not fit in .22lr guns.

    17 HMR = 22 mag guns
    17 HM2 = 22lr guns
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    There was a fellow I believe he was located in Arkansaw that was making the barrel for this conversion. He was selling them here on GB. I purchased one and was very pleased with it. It was a drop in conversion without changing anything except it was not cut for the extractor, (worked on the blowback principle). You do have to remove your extractor to use his barrel. I did a search and was unable to come up with any of his products. Maybe he has stopped selling. Been a year or two since I bought mine.
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    hi , here is some info on a P22 conversion to 17 hm2 , these were and may still be available from [email protected] i have not purchased one , and have no personal knowledge of how good these are ,but they said their conversion ran $140.00 and consisted of a new barrel, new barrel nut, wrench, and new extractor and spring.they say to only use hornady ammo, as other brands are not as consistant in power and pressure. their phone # is 1-402-640-2341 . this info is from march of 2007. hope this helps. Bob
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