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I need the opinion of the group .I need a inexpensive 9MM handgun till I can buy a better gun .I saw a Hi Point ,it has avery good warrenty ,and also seemed solid. I know that the older handguns had a bad reputation ,but the new ones seem much better .Whats your views on this matter.Thank-You

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    A friend of mine wants to trade me a High Point in 45acp for some work i did in his house. Ive seen what they are worth on the auction but are they actually worth having or is it money down the drain
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    I was wonderin if someone could give me some info on a hand gun I am thinkin about purchasing. Its a Hi-Point 9mm. I have not heard much about them,although the gun dealer assured me they have been around for many years and that they are a good gun for the money. I am also sure he is tellin me this to get a gun sale too. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated..

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    Does anybody have any dealings with Hi Point[8D] Was at a gun store they listed a 40 cal for about 189.99 brand new. So I check it out it seems heavy built but kinda ulgy looking[8D] Just wondering if there were any Hi Point users out there?[?]
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    Just Checked out one of the threads bashing HI POINT. I can say with some accuracy that most have not even shot one. The carbine rocks...period! After 1000+ rounds never a jam and very accurate and I will pit it against a STORM as soon as I can find some poor soul willing to schuck out the big bucks for one. I also have the compact 9mm and wow for a 100 bucks it rocks also.

    Do not get me wrong I do own several SW's a few Dan Wesson's and Rugers and you do get what you pay for. But to call a HI POINT junk when it carries the best warranty on the planet no questions asked...what are you thinking?
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    Spend more money, get something better.
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    For first-hand reports from actual Hi-point owners, visit http://hipoint.7.forumer.com .
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    Not long ago, a hunting buddy of mine bought a High Point in .357. He got a big discount at the gunshop and he had so much money in his wallet at the time that he bought me one too. [:D][:D] It's a Model C9...I've shot a couple of boxes through it without a hitch and I like it fine. [^][^] I use it as my pickup/snake/varmit/illegal alien/tackle box gun. [:)][:)]

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    I own a Hi Point and if you want my first hand experience with them, here it is: THEY ARE JUNK

    Supporting evidence:
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    My friend had a 9mm. It worked fine as long as you didnt use aluminum shells. My other friend has a one in a 45, it works like a champ, just keep em clean and they will eat up some ammo.
    You get what u pay for though. fun for plinking, but i wouldn't use one as a carry gun.
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    I had a guy at my CCW shooting class that could not get his Hi Point 9mm to shoot any sort of accurate at 25 yards. The gun could be thrown more accurately that it shot. He had to use my Taurus PT92 to qualify. I dont own one cause every time I know someone with one, and I ask them how they like it...they say that same thing. They all wish they would have got something better. Save up and get a nice used Ruger 9mm if you want an economical, reliable, durable, and relatively accurate handgun.
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    I'm keeping mine to use as trade goods....first time I come across a good old Lorcin.

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    They make a good paperweight. Not much else.
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    I own a Hi-Point Carbine, It works everytime i pull the trigger and it's pretty good at accuracy.
    But I don't have any of the handguns.
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    If you take five of them and put them into a 3 gallon pail and filled it with cement, it would make a great boat anchor.
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    They could be the lowest-priced, most-accurate, highest-reliability handgun IN THE WORLD and I would still never buy one. They're just ugly.
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