Ruger 357 Security six

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I just purchased this pistol and it says "Made in the 200th year of the American Liberty". Does this add any to the value or did ruger put this on most of their firearms in 76'? Any good sites that I can read up on this pistol? I googled but can't seem to come up with info. in regards to the ones' made in 76'. As always thanks for all your education.. Mike


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    yes it will add a little to the value ,depends more on the condition of the gun and if you have the box that it came in ,

    one of the best sites for info on Rugers is this one
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    To the best of my knowledge the "Made in 200th Year...." went on all Rugers, long and short, during that year.
    The Security Six is one sweet little handgun. Mine equalled the accuracy of my Python and Smith 686 and I don't recall now why I let it go. Must have needed something.
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    ..AS said, depending on condition and if you have all the original paper work. box, etc...and turn marks...and if un-fired. If you want it to keep as a "Commemretive", dont shoot it OR spin the cylinder...and that would almost be a shame..the Security six is one of Rugers nicest revolvers...[^]

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    For a packing gun, I would rather have a Security-Six, than a GP-100, which replaced it. I never shot a GP-100 that I liked. Terrible trigger.
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