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Does anyone know what years The Springfield 87 A 22 semi auto By J Stevens arms was produced? Is it eligible to be shipped as a C&R?
It looks like a Military training rifle of sorts to me?
Any info and or comments are greatly appreciated.
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    A better pic of the entire is called for here. The only Savage 87 that I know of that had a handguard as yours appears to have, is the 87M. Which was made to resemble the M-1 Garand.
    And in decent condition it has collector value.
    The basic .22 semi auto design of the rifle began in about 1938 as the Savage Model 6. Was marketed by Savage, Stevens, Springfield (all subs of Savage Arms), and several store brands under several model numbers w/some minor design variations, up until the about 1968. One of the most common .22 Semi auto's there is. Most have little value except as shooters, unless in EX condition. EXCEPT the 87M military trainer which might be worth approx $600. in EX condition.
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    It is marked Springfield 87A J Stevens Arms uder the hand guard.
    Here are a few more pictures. On a scale of 1-10 I'd call it 8-9.
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    Your rifle definantly appears to be an 87M. But the markngs are a puzzlement that I'm afraid I can't answer. Perhaps a Frankenstien? But who knows. Savage/Stevens did ALOT of wierd things over the years and obtaining info on older models seems to be an exercise in futility. Evidently the current ownership of Savage dumped the old records in the mid 1960's. Before there was much collector interest in them. Now days for info there are only a couple so called "Savage History" books that are basically reprints of old catalog pages. And various people who tend to have select interests in certain models.
    I'd suggest your best bet would be to inquire about it on the Gunboards .22 Trainer Forum.
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    ...HEY ED!...he said "better" pics..not BIGGER pics...icon_rotflmao.gif

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