High Standard 45

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what is your opinion on these I see in the new Cabelas anniversary Sale flyer for 389.00 [:D][}:)][:0]


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    My understanding is that it's just a "ARMSCOR"= (Rock Island) sold under the High Standard, Trade Name.

    If you do a search using "Rock Island" there have been a lot of posts regarding these P.I. made pistols.
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    Hello Far from being my choice for a 1911 PISTOL[xx(]
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    its actually a 'low standard.'
    they just spelled it wrong.[:I][:p]
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    ...If it is a RI under the High Standard Name...it's made in the Philipines. Some people like them for the price...but my pappy taught
    me you get what you pay for...and I have found that ESPECIALLY true with guns...[^]

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    Yes if you must get a 1911 then spring the extra cash for a Springfield or Taurus. Alot more value there.
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    I'm not a huge 1911 fan, but remember how folks used to beat up on the Norincos?

    Let's look at what other folks have done in 1911s in the neighborhood of 600-700 bucks.

    Colt. PLASTIC Trigger, Plastic, mainspring housing, cast disconnector, slide stop, etc...

    Springfield. Took their IL operation to Imbel, BRAZIL (so don't give me that "Buy American" crap) and used CAST frames and other parts.

    Oh..the vaunted Sig, full of crappy, brittle MIM parts. And it costs more.

    Para, the other choice of armchair experts (with multiple subscriptions to gun rags), PLASTIC mag releases, PLASTIC mainspring housings, cast cast cast, just about everything.

    So, I guess my point is this. It appears that there's two schools of 1911s these days. Expensive guns, possibly made by 3rd world labor (or 2nd world in the case of Brazil), full of cheap, cast or MIM'ed parts...or lower grade guns made from ALL STEEL which may need some clean-up or refinement and a repark.

    I've seen some of these High Standard and Rock Island guns and they do remind me of the old Norinco. Built OLD SCHOOL, milled and parked with more milling marks and sharp edges than they should have...

    But if you're going to buy some 5, 6 or 700 dollar pistol, which you have to either replace the cheapo plastic or cast parts with better milled parts, you could buy 2 of the cheaper guns AND clean them up for what you can buy one of the "better" guns for.

    But what do I know, I only work on guns and fix broken guns all day, for the last 11 years. I'm sure someone who just read the newest issues of G&A, G&W for LE, SWAT, or some other slick and glossy knows more than little old me.

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