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P. Beretta proof marks model 1934/ made in 1937

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text HI Folks , I hope there is some one who an help me out on the proof marks? on it's left side P BERETTA''Cal''.9 CORTO Mo1934-BREVETTATO underline was GARDONE V.T.1937-xv figure that date is when it was made? the firearm is in 90+%+ my grandpa gave it to me after the war 11 what I am TRYING to find out is what the proof marks are / army? Air Force? Navy? what have ya.
I don't have any picturs of it yet, I went to the gun smith at Granger Mountain
sport store that has quite a few smiths working, found a good little holster for that would not let it ge mark up if I desided to carry it & Left after talking to some of the smiths well well what I a'm trying to find out is what the proof marks mean at the back left side of the slide just about 3/4 below the hammer [ RaE] with like a royal crown above (R) & very small dot above the start of the (R) so you have it large R a mini (a) in the middle & a large (E) RaE???? well I left the shop and later on hat day the smith called me at home? he told me the other smith had tod him about it and offered me gas money if it was not to much trouble if he could have me bring it back down to the shop and let him look at it , so I did. as I took out it out of thye zipper bag I could see his eyes Light up like 100 light bulb, he handled it like a new born, we never got to the proof markings, but all he said that there were many of these made and see's them all the time & told 99% of the them are pitted just have non of the blue left on them, I did find out that the Model is still being made BUt no longer shipped to the U.S.A. to shipped to the U.S.A. the smith had a older Gun& Ammo Magazine on hand wit a complete articail on the pistol, and there quite safe to shoot, also the articail said that silver tips are what the gun loves, well any one who has or know what these proof mark are please E-Mail me @ sure hopeto find out what these mean, Thank you all Sincerley K.J.


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    I believe that the RE marking you describe denotes use by the Italian Army. Most likely a army marked Model 1934 would be the most commonly found of the Beretta's used by the Italian military.

    It would be best if you could post quality photos of the Beretta. There are instructions on a "sticky" near the top of the first page for posting photos in the forum.
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