Middle Bead on BT99

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I have a BT 99 Grade III that the center bead fell out at some point while I was shooting. I ordered a factory replacement ( B0008234 ) and it is not threaded. I don't want to epoxy it in because if the white plastic top ever gets damaged I can't get the bottom part out. Any advice from the experts on how to replace this center bead? Red or blue Threadlocker maybe????


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    Epoxy is heat sensitive and so is Red thread locker. Soldering gun/iron right on the part to warm it up, then use a good hook to pullout the shank.
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    Personally I would have reservations about using red lock tight on anything, that has to be disassembled in the future. Don't ask me how I know.[V]

    My impression the red grade of lock tight, is that it's the same as JB Weld. For all practical purposes. The blue grade of lock tight. has the ability to be disassembled. Perhaps that would be a better choice to start with?
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    Epoxy it in.

    If it breaks off or whatever, drill out the remains and epoxy a new one in.

    If there are no threads Loctite isn't going to setup. Loctite doesn't work like glue.
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    "Epoxy it in.".........this says it all. I've install (and replaced) 100's this way
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