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Guys I need help.A friend had a pistol left in the estate of husband,a Wildey 475 still in the wooden box,can't tell if he ever fired it but it does not appear to have been and has the original a full box of ammo. Pistol has an 8" barrel and serial number is 45XX was purchased in 1999.My problem is finding a fair market price or value as they would like to sell it.My blue book does not have a price but sends you to the web site and they give prices based on serial no. starting with the first 200 at 1550.00 and so on,until they reach 2400 series and nothing after that and it gives that value at 750.00 But going on gun broker they are selling for many thousands of dollars.I would like to provide her with a true value that it's worth.( I'm not interested in it)Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks


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    The best indication of fair market value, would be found on GunBroker. If similar Wildey's are selling for thousands, that's what it's worth.
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    You have really done all that any of us would do. (I assume that you only looked at GunBroker COMPLETED auctions, as they are the only ones that mean anything.) There are a lot of variations, & not many sales on GB, so we can only guess how your friend's gun would compare. There's really no such thing as "true" value; value is what someone is willing to pay at a given point in time.

    If not on GB, how does your friend plan to sell it? Put a note on the supermarket bulletin board & invite folks to come to her house to see it? Sell it to the local gun shop for half that it would bring at auction? Seems to me that this is a gun that would get a lot of bids if listed here.

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    Well I would say then that the value is shown on GB as they are "selling for many thousands of dollars". Are these pistols on GB actually selling, or are they going up for sale at "many thousands of dollars", but not selling? If there are auctions that sold, that's your price.
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    They really aren;t selling for much over 2500.00 but some are close to 7000.00 kind of crazy. thanks guys
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    Bought one in 1998, 10", Ser#44-- paid $1,100. The movie "Death Wish III" with Charles Bronson made this firearm famous.
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